First and foremost it’s a group of people who look at health differently.

People who want to live better, and longer. People who consider their health and the health of the population as a collective asset, and who are committed to leaving healthy communities and a healthy planet for future generations.

Through PULSAR, these people become agents of change who make a positive impact on sustainable health research and interventions. They initiate or take part in cutting-edge projects that leverage new technology and big data to address the needs of the population.

They explore, share, and take action every day for the collective good.


“Explore,” from the Latin explorare, means “to investigate or search out.” And that’s exactly where PULSAR’s mission begins.

Because in the realm of health and well-being, there’s a lot of territory left to explore. The amount of data modern societies generate is astronomical, and much of it remains untapped. And then there’s the immense potential of collaborative spaces and collective intelligence, which have the power to stimulate innovation and create new avenues for research.

PULSAR explores all this and more.


Sharing is a central tenet of the PULSAR philosophy. Sharing ideas, information, and knowledge. Sharing data and expertise. Sharing that is innovative and creative.

PULSAR brings together stakeholders from the research and clinical communities, decision-making bodies, and the general public by establishing physical and virtual spaces to facilitate sharing and discussion. This rich scientific and human dialogue opens the door to new and tangible solutions with the potential to be even more effective than those derived from more conventional approaches to research.

PULSAR promotes sharing to improve the health of one and all.


To act is to take action. But that means making the right decisions before setting the wheels in motion.

By bringing the research community and the population together and by collecting, analyzing, and leveraging big data and disseminating credible, high quality health information, PULSAR makes it easier to make informed decisions.

PULSAR is taking action with you and thanks to you.

Our values

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