Answers to your questions

What is PULSAR for? Who can participate? What does PULSAR do with the data? We’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions and grouped them into four categories.

  • General Questions
  • Participating in a Project Conducted with PULSAR
  • Doing Research with PULSAR
  • Data, Security, and Privacy

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General Questions

What is PULSAR?

What makes PULSAR innovative?

What is sustainable health?

Who can join PULSAR?

Why join PULSAR?

What does it mean to be a PULSAR partner?

Who are PULSAR’s main partners?

How is PULSAR funded?

Participating in a project conducted with PULSAR

Who can take part in a research project conducted with PULSAR?

What is involved if I participate in a project?

Why would I want to participate?

But are there any personal benefits to participating in PULSAR projects?

If I do participate, what kind of difference will I actually make?

Doing Research with PULSAR

What is a project conducted with PULSAR?

Who can do a research project with PULSAR?

Why should I do a research project with PULSAR?

What services and tools will I have access to? Do I have to pay?

How does PULSAR select and monitor projects?

What is the sustainable health databank?

Data, Security, and Privacy

Where does the data entrusted to PULSAR come from

How do you ensure that the data is secure and protected?

Who has access to the data?

How long will the data be kept?