Advancing sustainable health research

PULSAR provides new collaborative solutions and personalized data science tools and services so that each and everyone can contribute to our understanding of health and well-being. 

A unique network and reliable sustainable health news

PULSAR connects stakeholders of all types, be they from the general public, the research or new technologies sectors, the health system, or decision-making bodies. The goal behind building this network? To launch projects with significant, immediate, and sustainable impacts on the health of Québec City residents.

As part of the PULSAR network, you can:

  • Access exclusive and reliable information on sustainable health 
  • Participate in events organized by and for stakeholders in the sustainable health sector 
  • Suggest ideas for research projects
  • Consult the directory of projects carried out with PULSAR to identify potential collaborations or participate in projects

Innovative solutions so researchers can focus on their research

PULSAR offers an integrated, secure environment that follows the strictest standards and practices, so researchers can do what they do best: research.

Our team of experts can provide support at any stage of a research project, from inception to execution and on to dissemination of findings.

Preparing a project with PULSAR

You can:

Recruiting participants and managing their participation

PULSAR allows you to:

  • Promote a project within the PULSAR network by posting the project recruitment form
  • Register participants online and get their consent
  • Give participants the ability to directly manage their personal information and consents and provide access to the project questionnaires

Managing research data  

With PULSAR, you have everything you need to:

  • Create and edit online forms for data collection
  • Manage data collection events using forms
  • Store your research data in a secure environment that protects participant confidentiality
  • Automatically back up your data at regular intervals
  • Use a service to monitor access to your research data
  • Get expert advice on data structuring
  • Get assistance using the various data management tools available

Leveraging data 

PULSAR gives you access to tools and services you can use to:

  • Perform complex calculations using advanced statistical analysis tools
  • Harness processing power to analyze huge amounts of data
  • Use custom data sets produced by our team to meet specific project needs (e.g., matching data from multiple sources)
  • Share your research data with other researchers by publishing the metadata from your data sets in the data catalogue
  • Deposit your research data in the sustainable health databank so that it can be used by other projects carried out with PULSAR
  • Get expert advice related to data science
  • Get support using the various tools available

Transferring knowledge to participants and the public

With PULSAR, you can:

  • Give participants the ability to consult their individual results in their personal space on the platform
  • Promote your project and its results by publishing news or taking part in network events


To take advantage of PULSAR tools and services, simply:

  1. Submit your project proposal by filling out the online form.
  2. Once your project has been received and analyzed by a PULSAR professional, we will send you an estimate for the cost of using PULSAR solutions based on your specific needs.  

For more information, check out our member FAQ page or contact us.