For an Efficient and Friendly Recruitment Process

Recruitment is an essential part of research. That's why PULSAR provides a user-friendly online registration platform to ensure the efficient recruitment of participants.

You will have access to all the information you need to conduct your research. The essential information for each participant and the required ethical consents are fully customizable. 


Web Platform

PULSAR’s web platform allows you to recruit participants while collecting the essential data for enrolment in your project, as well as the consents needed for the ethical aspects of your research project.

The web platform also allows you to access a large pool of potential participants who have agreed to participate in research projects carried out with PULSAR.

Project Form
Provide a promotional showcase for your research project by posting relevant information on the project form, such as the project summary, the project team, the individuals targeted and the link to participate.

Registering for your Project
Collect the information provided by the participants required for your research project, such as address, physician's name, or imaging files.
- Quick and easy to use Web forms
- Secure PULSAR account with a validation e-mail provided upon creation of the account

Ethical Consents
Given that consent must be sought prior to data collection, PULSAR makes it simple by allowing participants to consent to the use of their data according to the rules issued by the various ethics committees.

Participation in the Sustainable Health Databank
If your project participates in the Sustainable Health Databank, participants will be able to contribute to the databank simply by consenting. This bank promotes the sharing between research teams of multiple-source data pertaining to the sustainable health of the Quebec population.

Special Project Launch Newsletter
A special newsletter is sent to PULSAR members to publicize the start of your study and increase the number of participants in your research project.

What Our Users are Saying

"Our project aims to recruit a very large cohort of university students (n=45000). Without the help of PULSAR, it would not have been possible to initiate this project and envisage the larger scale and longer term prospects."

- Vicky Drapeau, lead co-researcher for the L'utilisation de biomarqueurs afin de promouvoir le bien-être et de saines habitudes de vie project

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