A new perspective on health and well-being

Projects carried out with PULSAR don’t reinvent health research; they explore and tap into the latest technologies to propel health research into the future.
Défis de santé publique

To address major public health concerns

New technologies, opportunities for collaboration, advanced processing tools, access to huge amounts of data—these are all resources we can use to build research capacity and help the research community address the needs and realities of the public. 

PULSAR offers sustainable health stakeholders the opportunity to carry out projects that aim to find concrete and sustainable solutions to health challenges.

Particularités des projets

Innovative projects

Not only do projects carried out with PULSAR need to explore one or more dimension of health and contribute to the development of sustainable health research, they also have to adhere to PULSAR’s vision, values and scientific approach. Furthermore, it is only after being peer-reviewed by a scientific committee and approved by a recognized ethics committee that selected projects can be chosen to be part of PULSAR research programming.

Pourquoi réaliser un projet?

Why do a research project with PULSAR?

Thanks to its different tools and services, PULSAR allows researchers focus on what they do best: research. Access to a suite of integrated tools (e.g., data collection and analysis, personal participant space), reliable and highly secure IT infrastructure to host your research data, support from a team of data science experts, partnership and collaboration opportunities, exchange forums with the general public, etc. 

To learn more, read about Our Services.

Sélection et suivi des projets

Project selection

Each project submitted to PULSAR is assessed according to criteria established by the PULSAR scientific committee. The committee then selects the projects to be included in the PULSAR research program. 

For more information on the PULSAR research program, read our member FAQ and Sustainable Health Databank Management Framework.

Banque de données en santé durable

Sustainable health databank

PULSAR is developing a sustainable health databank for projects in its research program to be able to look at health and well-being from every dimension. The databank is administered and secured by Université Laval and currently contains data only and no biological material. It is mainly supplied by PULSAR research program projects and is only used by the latter, if they have received an ethical approval accordingly. 

Read the member FAQ for more information.