Process and analyze


Get Ready to Analyze your Data

A range of products are at your disposal to process and analyze your data.

Prepare, transfer and transform your data so that it is ready to be analyzed by your programs and applications. Then, in a secure environment unique to your project, use our tools to analyze your data and manage the source code of your analysis and processing programs.

Extract, transform and load your data

Extraction, traitement et chargement de données

Depending on your project's analysis needs, we can set up tools for data extraction, transformation and loading.

Apache Airflow
The open-source Apache Airflow platform is used to schedule ETL processing or recurring processing tasks at regular intervals and to monitor their proper functioning.

Customized applications per project
We provide you with applications to assemble and store your data in a space that promotes data sharing and analysis according to your needs.

Efficient and Secure Analysis


Multiple tools are offered to analyze your data and research results in an efficient and secure manner.

Virtual Machine
To facilitate collaborative work and sharing within your team, a virtual machine (VM) can be configured as part of your project. This VM will allow your team members to access the project data as well as the analysis tools and programs available to you.

Make your data talk with advanced analytics from SAS, a powerful statistical software for data analysis, management and mining. With the high computing power and ease of aggregating data from a variety of sources, SAS is the ideal solution for things like indirect comparisons, meta-analysis and predictive modeling.

Enhance your productivity with R and Python programming languages with RStudio’s integrated tools. This development environment includes a console, an editor to support direct code execution, and tools for tracing, history, debugging, and workspace management.

Jupyter Notebook
This open-source application allows you to create and share documents containing code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. You'll be able to perform data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and more.

Everything to manage your research project's source code (hosting and sharing source code, code review, bug tracking, etc.).

What Our Users are Saying

"The expertise of the PULSAR team facilitates the organization and harmonization of large cohort data for statistical analysis. This service allows us to gain efficiency and effectiveness in this crucial stage of the project."

Vicky Drapeau, lead researcher of the ESSAIM project

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