REGOX - Provincial Registry of Patients Treated with Long-Term Home Oxygen Therapy

  • Health and social services

This project will collect data from patients on oxygen therapy in order to assess the quality of care and its relevance according to the context of the disease.

Project summary

In Quebec, the importance of home oxygen therapy was recognized by the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux through the publication of the reference framework for the National Program for Home Oxygen Therapy (NPHOT) in 2011. This document outlines the usual indications for home oxygen therapy, but also highlights the uncertainty surrounding the effects of this home treatment in many clinical circumstances, and points out the existence of disparities in home respiratory care models across Quebec.

The REGOX project aims to create a national registry of patients treated at home with oxygen in order to accumulate data for epidemiological, clinical and research purposes. This registry will be used to collect data to assess the quality and appropriateness of care according to the context of a disease.

The possibilities offered by the creation of such a registry are numerous, ranging from epidemiological surveillance to the description of the natural history of a disease, to the assessment of the quality of care and regional disparities in Quebec. This registry will be an infrastructural resource to support managers, clinicians, and researchers in their efforts to improve patient care.

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Project team

  • Yves Lacasse

    Lead investigator

    Quebec Heart and Lung Institute

    Université Laval

  • Mathieu Couture

    Research professional

    Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Center

    Université Laval

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