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Confidentiality and privacy

Your privacy is important to us.

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Copyright and intellectual property

The content of this website was produced and/or gathered for the purpose of providing users with access to information about sustainable health. It contains plain language articles of research results and fact sheets of projects carried out with PULSAR. It also presents the highlights of research conducted in the field of sustainable health at Université Laval and in the greater Quebec City area, as well as various reports, documents and data on sustainable health research in Quebec. 

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Content Belonging to PULSAR

Academic and non-commercial reproduction

Unless otherwise specified you may reproduce the content, in whole or in part, for academic and non-commercial purposes, and in any format, without charge or further permission, provided you do the following: 

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To obtain additional information concerning copyright ownership and restrictions, and regarding reproduction for academic and non-commercial purposes, please contact PULSAR.

Commercial reproduction 

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Content Belonging to a Third Party

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Trademark Notice

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Modification of the Terms of Use

PULSAR reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and Netiquette Rules at any time and without notice. It is therefore recommended that you refer to them regularly. All changes are effective from the date of posting on the website.

PULSAR Netiquette

We like it when you use our Web platform and social media pages to share your thoughts. So to encourage respectful and constructive discussions, we’ve set a few simple rules of conduct that we’re sure will make all the difference.

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  9. Impersonation of others is a serious offence and will not be tolerated.

PULSAR reserves the right to moderate or delete content at any time. If you violate the PULSAR Netiquette, your content will be rejected and your account may be suspended or blocked.

PULSAR reserves the right to modify its Netiquette rules at any time and without notice.