A databank unlike any other

In order to study health and well-being in all its dimensions, PULSAR has created a Sustainable Health Databank. 

This databank is made up of data collected by various research projects carried out with PULSAR. It encourages the discovery of new knowledge through the reuse of the data it contains by future projects. It currently holds data only and no biological material.

Administered and secured by Université Laval, this databank is an institutional resource. It is strictly managed under the Sustainable Health Databank Management Framework and subject to the legal framework currently in force in Québec and across Canada. 

Only participants who have given consent have their data integrated into the Sustainable Health Databank.

In addition to this unique bank, PULSAR offers its sustainable health research partners consulting services and support to help them carry out their projects. For more details, consult the PULSAR service offer (in French only). 

Consent is about understanding

Watch our video to help you understand consent to the Sustainable Health Databank.